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Same Day Offer on As Is Where Is Property!

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Here at Arete we’ve been successfully purchasing and repairing ‘As Is Where Is’ property for over 5 years now. We’re confident in our decision-making ability, understanding of the repair methodology and associated costs alongside a sound knowledge of the Canterbury property market. That’s why we are confident in turning around an offer for your property on-the-spot or within the day. As long as we can be provided with some form of documentation to identify the structural damage, the rest of the costs we can compute incredibly quickly.

No two ‘As Is Where Is’ properties are the same, and each costs a different amount to remediate but there is a general rule of thumb that we can work from in order to give you a quick offer. The equation includes; land value, end value and remediation costs and after purchasing and repairing over 150 of these properties, we are confident of being on-the-money with same-day offers.

One point we would like to make is that not all offers are equal.

In this industry, there are good operators and there are bad operators.

Lately, there has been a spate of ‘new arrivals’ into the ‘As Is’ market who have been overpaying for these properties, then trying to on-sell them in an ‘As Is Where Is’ condition. Not being able to so, they then ‘repair’ them cheaply and attempt to on-sell them. This is catastrophic for the buyer and awful for the housing stock of Christchurch. The reason these companies pay more is because they spend way, way less on the repairs, if they even repair them at all.

These people generally don’t last long in the market as you can imagine, it’s a terrible business plan! You’ll usually recognise their marketing efforts of ‘we pay more’ or handwritten (photocopies of a handwritten letter) in your mailbox stating that they are cash buyers. While this may look appealing when you’re selling, it carries a weight of social consciousness that your home could be patched up poorly an on sold to an unsuspecting first home buyer (if it isn’t just on-sold ‘as is’ for more money). I suggest you do your research on the person/people you meet. Check their websites…do they have their own names on there? If not, then why not?

So why choose Arete?

Ultimately, the choice is entirely yours.

But we have to put forward our best attributes. Our experience. Our ability to make the process incredibly simple for you. And our stellar track record of repairs through Monarch Construction who have become specialised in the earthquake remediation sector.

We pay market rate for As Is Where Is property but one thing we do not do, is over-pay to a point where we can’t afford to do our usual, thorough repair. We leave the over-paying to the fly-by-nighters who seem to grace our industry for a few years then disappear!

So for ease, speed and a market rate sale with confidence, we are the team to turn too.

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