Earthquake Repairs

Earthquake and As Is Where Is Repairs on your Earthquake Damaged home in Christchurch & Kaikoura.

Have you accepted your EQC and insurance pay out for your home?

Have you taken a cash payout from EQC and or your insurance company? Are you unsure what your best outcome would be;

1. Keep the payout and sell ‘As Is Where Is’


2. Use the payout to repair and renovate the property?

Arete Property are As Is Where Is experts. We can advise you of the best route to take in order to get the most profitable outcome.

We Can Purchase Your Home Or Manage the Repairs For You.

We can either purchase your property As Is Where Is or we can project manage your earthquake damaged home from start to finish. We have completed more than 100 plus repairs and we can handle all aspects from engineering and re-levelling through to renovating and re-decorating.

If you believe your property is earthquake damaged and will need to be re-assessed for faulty EQC repairs, we are happy to offer free levels assessment on your home and advise of best steps to take in order to get what you deserve.

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