Community Benefits of Rebuilding & Repairing Houses.

Christchurch is on the mend. The commercial rebuild of the CBD is an exciting and fast paced hive of activity. Arete Property and it’s team members believe we are part of a smaller scale, but just as important, slice of residential rebuilding which helps communities unite:

“Repaired houses provide a better standard of living which translates to stronger communities”

– Ant Patrickson – Director Arete Property

We’ve always had a strong community focus within our company and we believe that selling your property ‘As Is Where Is’ signals the end of a long (far too long) battle with EQC and/or insurers. We want the sale of your damaged property to be easy and enjoyable but also beneficial to you or your community. We offer two options when you choose to sell to Arete Property:

$1000 Farmers Gift Card for you and your family to enjoy.
$2000 donation to the community project of your choice.

We have helped youth sports teams and school initiatives with our community project donations over the past few years. We are always open to suggestions for projects who may benefit from our donation programme.