About Us

Private Buyers

You save real estate fees and we let you choose the settlement dates that work for you.

Proven Track Record

Arete Property and it’s directors have been involved in more than 100 As Is purchases and repairs.

Community Benefits

Repaired houses make stronger communites. We also offer $2k community donations to sellers.

Forward Thinking

We use our knowledge and experience to ensure selling As Is Where Is to Arete is easy and enjoyable.

Our Story

Arete Property was born in 2014 when a group of 5 friends decided to combine expertise to purchase and repair ‘As Is Where Is’ property in Christchurch. An eclectic group with a cross-section of expertise ranging from building to investing, we pride ourselves on our professional, honest and flexible approach to helping people sell their damaged or uninsured property. We have also taken over insurance and EQC claims from those who no longer want to fight the fight.

We have a continued relationship with many of our clients who have benefited from our flexible process and much of our custom is bred from word-of-mouth, something we’re incredibly proud of.

Ultimately, we’re a friendly bunch and we have Christchurch/our clients’ best interests at heart. We pay market rates, which saves expensive real estate fees for our customers and we listen. Flexible settlements, long settlements, quick settlements whichever suits your situation, we can work with almost any request!

Feel free to give us a call or drop us an e-mail to find out more.